“Road rage incident”Burlington VT

Since sensationalism and agendas have priority today over facts and logic, this is my way of letting anyone interested to know what happened on that day in February of 2013, gain more insight and understand that news are made to sell the ratings.

In order to explain that day, I must include the circumstances leading to that day, and three years prior, in order for anyone to truly understand what transpired.

In December off 2010 I came back from a deployment , and have witnessed not so friendly environment in country of Afghanistan. I will not go into the details of the harshness of this task but it is important to connect it to the following two year,as I have had serious health issue as a result of this tour of duty.

I was pretty much on bed rest since coming back, and had trouble completing the simplest of tasks on a daily basis, due to the severity of the back pain and loss of range of motion.

Everything became more difficult, instead of being happy that I am home from war, I have became more depressed and unable to cope with the reality of being home.

No veteran should face these issues upon arriving home, especially when trying to recover and adjust after being exposed to a very hostile environment for a year. Everything around me seemed bit strange, even dough I have lived here since 1996, things just seemed bit odd, as if I have never been here before.

The financial pressure and inability to have a steady job at the time took an even bigger toll on me and my family. Battling to prove to some bureaucrats at the VA that I had permanent injuries was another process that was taking  a toll on my recovery process.

I had to rely on my wife at the time, and that is not the case and plan I had when I came home. Everything seemed to be getting much worse.

The worst off all at the end of the day was chronic mind numbing pain in my back and legs, which prevented me from living a normal life as I did before.

The pain was constant for 3 yeas now, and nothing seemed to help. I have started taking 5 different medications at the time for my symptoms, and on that day in February I was in extreme pain and feeling very desperate and vulnerable.

As I exited the belt line taking the North Beach exit, I have made the loop and started to hit the straight way  passing the homestead entrance. I was close to the two lane point, when I noticed a vehicle in the lane behind me. It was a split second look at the review  mirror. When I took another look after 2 second, all I saw in my review mirror was a car emblem in the grill of  large SUV. It had completely startled me and my first thought was that this vehicle and who ever is driving it, is going to crash into me. I have never experienced anyone approaching me at that rate of  speed and closing in distance at such speed.This is directly related to the war zone, where we were trained to act on these treats if locals approached us in such manner. If they came upon our convoy in such hurry, that meant either vehicle based explosive device, or am ambush.

This person had no good intentions at all for doing anything like that.Maybe it was the veteran plates in the back of my vehicle that triggered that drivers erratic and negligent operation of the motor vehicle. I have  switched into the right lane when it opened up in order to signal to the person to pass me. I had a surefire flash light in my had which has an attachment on it and allows it to be held similarly  as one would hold a smaller pistol.  I have always had this light with me, as It was an item I used frequently in Afghanistan.  The vehicle pulled up next to me, with the window down and an a person looking at me with no expression. Dark glasses and a hat. I have yelled through the window for him to pass me, since he was in such hurry. No reaction again, and at that time I have proceeded to drive in right lane leaving the vehicle behind me. He called the police and reported a gun being pointed at him, which was a lie, coming from a anti gun city council member In Burlington VT.

Short story is that no one stopped their vehicle or hit anyone, but the sensationalist media labeled an incident a “road rage”. This typical propaganda is used in order to scare the viewers and bring in more ratings by peddling  fear.

From mainstream media to local channels   it is the same agenda.The fact is that no gun was pointed at anyone, but one was found in my vehicle, which in this case proved to be a smoking gun they were looking for, to label me and push their anti gun agenda further in the state of Vermont. This all comes after the nation wide induced hysteria over supposed events in New Town, Connecticut which are being further investigated for lack of evidence.

The driver who almost slammed into my vehicle did not  even get a traffic citation, even dough he admitted that he “MIGHT OF” driven in such manner.This  must be what happens when you hold  position of a city council member with lack off inside regulatory force to investigate that side of the case, yet alone a peep from the media on that as well.

Bloomberg anti gun big machine is trying to reel its ugly head in to the State of Vermont as well, and are funding more and more attempts to further infringe on our gun right and our right to self defense.

There is no crime in having a firearm on you or in the vehicle in this state, yet the pistol they found in my vehicle, was used to incriminate me. I did not want to risk going in from of the jury, since the council member must have had the influence in the town and all the anti gun hysteria overall, nor did I have the finances to continue paying for the lawyer.

I took a plea deal with the Devil, and got a misdemeanor.

Interesting fact is that if anything that is presented outside of the vehicle in this state, if it even remotely resembles a firearm one could/would be charged with  same charge as if actual  firearm was used.

So in the recap, no gun was pointed at the driver, no road rage on my end, yet a veteran is being charged with a misdemeanor in this case, while the city council gets protected, same council member who was charged with embezzlement few years back and multiple negligent operation of vehicle charges.

Thankfully this man is not a city council member anymore, and my Second Amendment rights “have not been violated”, more than a year period, as that was ordered by the court. This man has done this another time, few months later to me in order to possibly provoke a reaction out of me. This time he approached my vehicle on North Avenue, passing by the BHS. This time I had him on my camera he backed off. Since than I have moved away form town of Burlington.

I have had a actual gun pointed at me twice since living in America, by local thugs ,and both times In Vermont, yet as a refugee I was not aware of the laws and that I could have called the police. Since than I have carried a concealed weapon and will continue, especially now that I have a family and young child. The police is never there at the times of the incident. Just few days ago I had a Asian person glance at my veteran plates and make a shape of  gun with their hand and gesture as if they were shooting at me. I had three occupants in the car with me,all coming form the Air Show Wings Over Vermont.

After all I have been trained and have used weapons of all calibers during my military career,and fighting under the flag of USA in foreign land. I have earned my right to protection here at home as well as did all who fought for this country.

So for all of those using this case to further their anti gun agenda, know that your efforts will be futile, and you will be served with legal action if trying to slender my name. This is not an empty word either!

Right to self defense will not be infringed upon, as it is our fundamental right to protect our loved ones and our selves from real crime perpetrators.



US. ARMY Infantry

SGT (retired)

Gubic Matija